Picture on the right is my cousin Norma from Florida standing out side the houses of Parliament on the 28th of June 2007.  I was down in London at the time on a business meeting interviewing a potential new franchisee for my company Dolly Char (UK) Ltd. I took this opportunity to show Norma around such sights as Parliament Square, Westminster Abbey, Birdcage

Recently within the last week Horncastle as suffered again with severe flooding, the following are some photographs taken during that time.  To the right is West Street with two dinghies on standby outside the Crown Inn. 


On the right is the River Waring overflowing near the town Library.



Finally On your right is the water flowing through the very aptly named Water Lane in the town.


Shortly I will be  adding a lot more to the section  PLACES WE HAVE VISITED, especially photos from the many different countries we have visited over recent years, follow the link to take a look, also I have added a second page to MY POEMS, I hope that you enjoy reading them.



Walk, Trafalgar Square, Downing Street, Buckingham Palace etc.  This was the final leg of Norma's recent stay in the UK.  Pictured now on your left is myself and Norma standing outside Buckingham Palace.




To the left is the fighting Cocks public house taken from the bridge on aptly named Bridge Street.



On your left now is the water engulfing the Magpie Restaurant off Spilsby Road in the town. 



To your left and below is two recent photographs taken at the Rodney Hotel Horncastle at a Harrison family gathering to celebrate Alexander's 20th birthday on that day Sunday 24th of June and also My stepson David Coughlan who's birthday was the following day. 



Opposite is a photo of my cousin Norma with my brother on her recent visit to Horncastle from her home in Florida. 



The photo opposite is of the Ship Pool team from Horncastle whom I started playing for this last winter.  We were collected our league and cup runners up awards from the recent presentation at the Green Man Scamblesby.

On the left is the Horsington YMCA snooker team whom I am captain of and also whom I have played for for the past nine years.  The photo is us recently collecting the league winners trophy for a record 5th year on the trot.  Also we won the team knockout.  Myself and Nigel Salmon whom is pictured with a cup in his hand to the left also won the doubles competition for the second year on the trot.  

To your right now is some of the little wren chicks that we had nesting in our garden this spring.


To your left is a frog I photographed a few weeks back popping his head out from between the pennywort in my pond.  

On the right now is a selection of Manchester United players warming up before taking on the Italian side A C Milan in the recent champions league semi final first leg at Old Trafford.  United won 3-2 after having trailed 2-1 at one time.  I usually go 3 or 4 times a season over to Manchester to watch them in action


These last five photos are from Roberts birthday treat back in April when we took him and his friend Oak for a day out to Gulliver's Kingdom Matlock Bath in Derbyshire.  The first photo is of me and Oak on the log flume ride.

To the right is Carol and Oak on the log flume. 

Pictured opposite is a view of Matlock Bath from Gulliver's Kingdom.

Robert with His friend Oak during the day.

Oak on a pedal car, both boys seemed to enjoy this more than any of the more normal attractions.  It must be us getting old as we thought it looked to much like hard work!


Finally opposite is Robert on the same ride.


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