A Glimmer of Light


At long last commeth a glimmer of light,


No more darkness for the present time at least,


Good time she joyously brings before thee,


Ever lasting happiness may no longer just a dream be,


Love and beauty beholds her model appearance,


Inspiration through caring words she selflessly does offer thee,


Kindness and charm she enchantingly does posses,


Angelika twas this woman whom bringeth thy light!!!




Robin A C Harrison




Belly bugs


Maggots in faggots,

Beef and fudge,

Ghastly greasy gunge,

Create belly bugs.


Sore windy bums,

Runny lumps of dung,

The after effects,

Of belly bugsÖ..


Robin A C Harrison






Neon light


And like that star which shone so bright,


Neon light appeared that night,


Great joy it brought before me,


Enlightening my very presence,


Lifting the sorrow from within,


And filling my heart with love again.




Robin A C Harrison




Powers of Energy



Across the deep oceans of time,

Next to yon distant star,

Gathers a twinkle of immense light,

Exerting its vast powers of energy,

Looking to reach out and touch thyn heart,

In life there is always the hope,

Knowing that with will power and prayer,

All at once the energy will arrive!!!




Robin A C Harrison





This ship was unique,

In size, luxury, every way indeed,

They said it was unsinkable!!!

A white star line super star!!!

New York she was bound on her maiden voyage,

Ice infested seas were waiting to embrace,

Cruelly this ship, which could never sink!!!!

Robin A C Harrison 19-02-1998 21:05

Amended 27-05-2000








What Shall I Write

From the deepest thoughts in my mind,

Comes this poem,

That I shall write,

What shall I write?

Will it be alright?

It might just rhyme!!!

If given the time,

It may be daft,

Or even make you laugh,

Will it be sorrowful or sad?

Or make you glad?

It may make you frown,

Even get you down,

Maybe you would cry,

But then so would I !!!

Possibly it as got silly,

Or a load of willy nilly,

If that were the case,

What could I say,

Its been fun,

But now Iím done!!!




Robin A C Harrison







Entertaining is his life,

Likes the stardom, glittering lights,

The songs he sings, much joy they bring!!

Over the years many problems heís had,

Narcotics, alcohol to name but two!!


Just a phase he was going through,

Oh for the freedom of healthy ways,

Helping causes for which heís fond,

Now honoured, Arise Sir Elton JohnÖÖ



Robin A C Harrison

Jan 1998





The Time as Come



The night is over,

The time as come,

That much should be done,

The day is young,

So Iíve begun,

I will bake,

Because itís eight,

Itís almost nine,

So now its time,

To hang my washing on the line,

Now its ten,

Its time to dust again,

Dinners come,

Its one,

And then itís gone,

Now itís two,

Iíd better clean the loo,

Now itís three,

Its time for a cup of tea,

Soon got to four,

Better mop the floor,

Soon got to five,

Time for a quick skive,

Now its six,

Whatís still to fix,

Good grief itís soon got to eight,

Itís beginning to get late,

Now itís nine,

Iím beginning to pine,

For the time,

It will be my bedtime!!!



Robin A C Harrison




Our wedding day



Courting days days are nearly past,

Around the corner, approaching fast,

Ringing of church bells at long last,

Only a few days still remain,

Looking forward to our wedding day.


At last its arrived, finally here,

Nights will be full of fun,

Days filled with joy and love.


Rejoicing within each others happiness,

Over the moon, utopia infact,

Been wed, joined as one,

In love, holding hands, kissing,

Never apart totally committed!!!


Robin A C Harrison

01-03-1998 20:18






Rewards are few and far between,

Often never to be seen,

But oh this day what a day,

Eventually luck weíve broke our duck,

Remarkable first the head, then the complete spread,

To us both OY a lovely little boy.


Robin A C Harrison












Roses can be red,

Often yellow and pink too,

Scented with heavenly perfume,

Enter the garden and smell the view!!!





Robin A C Harrison




The void



Like a star in the night sky,

A sparkle of light, love,

Sent from above,

As I stand spellbound before,

Never having felt so adored,

Enchantment entombed my body,

The void so long there,

Evaporated into the night air,

My dreams my hopes for life,

Carol had arrived that night!!!!




Robin A C Harrison

25-09-1997 21:35


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