Peveral Castle is situated on the top of a hill above a cave called Peak Cavern (devils arse), Castleton, Derbyshire.  The castle dates back to the time of the Normans, and with its strategic positioning it must have represented quite a awesome challenge to any would be attackers.

Today there is quite substantial remains left, particularly of the Norman keep which retains more or less its original height.   It as some of its original facing stone, although mainly it is the rubble core that remains.

The castle can be visited from Castleton by climbing many many steps from the village up the side of the hill.  I must admit it is quite challenging, but if like myself you enjoy your history I think that you will agree it was well worth it after having visited.  If nothing else incredible views over the valley and village below are offered.  The Castle today is looked after and cared for by English Heritage.

Also while you are in the area you may like to visit local caves and mines which are situated in the Hope Valley at Castleton.  The mines are world famous because this is the only place in the world where the mineral Blue John Spar is found.  There are four show caves/mines here, respectively called Peak Cavern (devils arse), Treek Cliff Cavern, Blue John Mine, and Speedwell Cavern.  The latter Cavern was discovered when miners broke through into a vast cavern which had a lake in its base.  The underground lake was named the bottomless pit as debris from the mining was tipped into it without ever seeming to increase the depth.  It was latter discovered that the lake had a natural overflow in it.  This cavern also is unusual in that you are transported through it by boat as the mine is constantly flooded.  The peak Cliff Cavern (devils arse) which is situated directly below Peveral Castle has one of the largest natural opening to a Cave in the world.  At one time it had a village with in its opening.  The locals used to make and sell rope for a living, and today the guides who show you around the Cave still make and sell it as souvenirs. 

Certainly there is plenty to do, see, and visit in and around Castleton, I have visited this area many times in the past and probably will do again in the future.

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