We have visited Matlock Baths and the surrounding district on  many occasions.  

The town is set in a very picturesque valley within in Derbyshire.  The hills which surround are riddled with caves and discussed lead mines.  Some of these mines are believed to date back to the time of the Roman occupation.  Many of these caves and mines can be visited especially at a place called the Heights of Abraham where guided tours are available.  You can either climb up many steps to get to them or alternatively go up to them by cable car.  The cable car tends to be our means of transport as it offers marvellous views of the town and valley below, as well as the wear and tare it saves on your body.

Matlock Bath as also been renowned  for many, many years for its spa waters.

Every year around the end of summer early autumn time they have a display of lights and decorations along the river bank which always attracts many tourists.  They are well worth a look at if you are some where near at that time of year.

There are also many gift shops and  ordinary shops to browse around, as well as tea rooms and cafes if you get a little peckish.

Also there up on the hill side above the town is Gulliver's Kingdom.  This is a theme park with many rides, certainly a place where the younger ones amongst us would love to go to given half a chance.

Matlock Bath also as many other attractions, and places to visit  within a few miles of it.  One of these places is Crich Tramway Museum which you can find more about by returning to the previous page and following the link, or alternatively click HERE, other places locally are Chatsworth House, Eyam (Plague Village) (click HERE), Castleton with all its caves and Blue John mines, Peveral Castle (click HERE), and the Peak District National park.  All in all there is plenty to do and much to see, in fact well worth spending a few days in the vicinity.  To return to the top click HERE.