We spent a fortnight in Hastings during the summer of 1998.  We camped at a site on top of a hill over looking the town called Shearbarn.  While we were there we visited many places along the South Coast.  

In Hastings itself there is the remains of the Norman castle, which was one of the first built in this country.  Also there is what are known as the smugglers caves which are found in the sandstone cliffs.  These are well worth a visit especially the entrance to them as many figures and decorations have been carved out of the sandstone.

There are two cliff railways which are still operational in the town, if you have never tried this form of transport and are not worried about heights I can really recommend the thrilling experience of a ride up the hill side.

Hastings at one time was a thriving port but sadly over the centuries the harbour silted up and disapeared.

There are many shops as you would expect in a thriving seaside town, and lovely stone beaches disappearing away into the English Channel.

Hastings lends its name to possibly the most famous and well known battle that as taken place in these Islands.  Ironically the battle of Hastings was fought a few miles away from Hastings itself, for more information on the battle please click HERE.

All in all Hastings as much to offer the visitor, from nature reserves, Historical attractions, shops, entertainment, to just relaxing with an ice cream of the beach.

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