The town of Battle if famous for the reason that it was here that Duke William of Normandy defeated the Saxon King Harold the second at the battle of Hastings in 1066.  This was the spot of the last successful invasion of the British Isles.  Harold was killed during the battle shot in the eye with an arrow after fighting gallantly.

Before the battle Harold had just marched south with his men from Stamford Bridge, near York where he had won a decisive battle against the Vikings, this left the Saxons tired and although they held the top of the hill it probably helped to contribute to their defeat. 

A few years after the battle King William the conquer as he became known had a abbey built at the top of the hill where the Saxons had stood.  Today there is still quite substantial remains of it left.  

A tour can be taken of the abbey and battle site and to appreciate the significance that the battle had to these islands I would strongly recommend doing so.

A fascinating day can be had here, the site is now managed by English Heritage.

The town of Battle itself is also worth a browse around with its old worldly charm readily on offer.