This is a view from the Queen Mothers garden at Walmer Castle Kent.  The Castle was built under the instructions of Henry the 8th as part of his strengthening of the south coast defences.

The castle as been transformed over the years and is more like a stately home nowadays than a castle.  A very famous resident whom lived here for many years up to his death was the Duke of Wellington whom was famous for his victory over Napoleon at the battle of Waterloo.  He also became Prime Minister of this country for a while and Wellington boots were named after him.  

The castle is also the seat of the Captain of the Sinq ports, the present captain been Elizabeth the Queen mother.  The Queen mother usually resides here for a time during the year when for obvious reasons it is closed to the public.  As mentioned above the Queen mother also as her own garden at Walmer Castle.

We visited the castle during August 2000.  It is under the guardianship of English Heritage.  We would highly recommend a visit if and when you are in the area of it.