Stokesay castle we visited in June 2001, it is an English Heritage property near the Welsh border between Shrewsbury and Hereford.  It is a wonderful quaint little place well worth taking the time to visit.  The castle is more a fortified house than a castle.  It is in remarkable condition and only the curtain wall is in a ruinous state.  The reason that the curtain wall is mostly down is that during the English civil war the roundheads laid siege to the castle, the cavaliers soon surrendered without putting up much resistance.  The orders were to demolish the castle to such an extent that it couldn't be used again if it fell into the wrong hands.  Fortunately unlike so many other places at this time Stokesay escaped with just its curtain walls been destroyed.

The castle as been repaired considerably in recent year.  There is also a lovely Tudor style gatehouse in the grounds.  The church next door as a Norman doorway, lots to see and explore, once again we can highly recommend a visit.