Richborough is situated on the East Coast of Kent at the entrance to what was the entrance to the Watsum channel during Roman times, an important sea lane cutting between the mainland and the Isle of Thanet to the Thames estuary in the north.  During the middle ages it silted up and is now completely dry.  This is the place that the Romans are first believe to have landed when they invaded our land.

The remains of the fort here are very extensive and still stand to a fine height in places.

The Romans originally built the area up into a thriving port, and it wasn't until latter on during their period of occupation that the fort was constructed.  When this happened it is believed that much of the port was demolished to make way for its construction. Also demolished was a vast marble faced  monumental arch which stood here to celebrate the conquering of these Isles. (the only one known to have been built in England)  The foundations of this can still be seen by clicking on the bottom thumbnail.

After the Romans left the Saxons built a Church here, the foundations of which remain.

At the other end of the Watsum Channel was the Roman Port of RECULVER, follow this link to discover more.

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Above shows a section of the North Wall

Click on picture to get a better view of it.

The South Wall

The North Wall

The Triumphal Arch Foundation