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This is the page which will tell you a little of the business that myself and Carol run.






The business is a cleaning agency, we endeavour to find people who would wish to obtain a little more free time in there life by having someone do there household cleaning and ironing  for them.  When we have found the client we find a suitable person to fulfil their needs.  This person is fully vetted by us, we demand at least two references which are followed up and also we have to have proof of their identity.  On being satisfied with them we then provide insurance to the sum of 2 million pounds for any damage caused etc, and also public liability insurance is provided to cover any eventuality  

Also we give an undertaking to provide a replacement cleaner for the clients to cover for holidays and sickness.  Also if the client is unhappy with the cleaner or something else within the service that we offer, then we always make ourselves available to sort the problems out.  We want everyone who uses us to be happy with the service we provide for them.

Our rates start from 8.25 inclusive.

We are here to serve your cleaning and ironing needs.

If you are interested in finding out more details about us  you are more than  welcome to visit our main site which can be found by following this link:-

 or alternatively you can e-mail us at:-    


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