We have been to Rochester many times, most recently August 2000.  The castle was built in Norman times partly on the remains of the Roman wall.

The castle as had its ups and downs, during a siege the tower in the foreground was undermined and brought down, when it was rebuilt the tower was built circular to help deflect artillery fire in the future.

Nowadays the inside of the keep is pretty well gutted with most of the floors missing, although it is still possible to reach the top.  When at the top it offers wonderful views across the river Medway on one side and Rochester and Chatham on the other sides.

The castle is managed by English heritage and is well worth a visit especially if you take in a walk around the old Dickens streets of the town.  Also there is Fort Amhurst in Chatham close by, this is a old Napoleonic fort, we went on a ghost tour around it one evening, very very interesting, I would highly recommend it to you.