We have visited Caerlaverock Castle in Dumphrieshire twice, firstly in the year 2000 and more recently in March 2002.  We were all fascinated by this picturesque ruin.  The castle is very unusual in that it is triangular in shape, but despite its ruin it still proudly sits in the centre of its moat which still retains its water.  

It as had a very turbulent history over the centuries, having been laid to siege on many occasions.  It lies at a very strategic spot on the Solway Firth and the owners over the years constantly swapped their allegiances between the English and the Scots.

There is a museum on the site which is very informative with displays of local finds, mainly from the moat.  Also there is a video show which runs constantly telling the history of the castle.

Also on site there is a souvenir shop and tea rooms, as well as a play park for the younger ones amongst us.

The castle is now looked after and cared for by the Scottish heritage organisation.

If you ever get to the Dumphries area this castle is well worth hunting out and taking a visit to.